Tour „The majestic and royal Vilnius“

2 hours
€ / pers.
6 - 30

Tour “The majestic and royal Vilnius”. Vilnius was born from the dream of Great duke Gediminas. It became the capital city and the main residence of all rulers of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The manor of the Great Duke was located here. Vilnius was the place where life was in full swing, the place where music played and swords clashed, even messengers from all foreign countries stayed in here. During this tour you will be told about how Gediminas cleverly took care of the well- being of the capital, what innovations were brought by the queen Bona. Why Vladislav Vasa’s heart remained in Vilnius forever, what was the contribution of Steponas Batoras in Vilnius education, and why “Kaziukas Fair” rocks the city every year.

Meeting place:

At the main entrance of the Cathedral.

The preliminary route:

  • Palace of the Grand Dukes (inside);
  • Vilnius cathedral;
  • St. Kazimieras Church;
  • The Royal Palace courtyard;
  • The monument of Great duke Gediminas;
  • Pilies street;
  • Churches of St. Anne and Bernardines;
  • Vilnius university;
  • Literary Street;
  • Stiklių street, M. Paleckis former glassware marketplace;
  • Small Ghetto (Glazier’s, Gaono, Jewish St.);
  • Presidential Palace;
  • Town Hall.


Note: There will be no entrance inside the aforesaid objects during the tour. The rout can slightly change.


Calories: In average 332 calories are burned during this tour.


Distance: ~2.6 km.


You can order this entertainment only for the individual group. Here

You can book this tour only for Your individual group. Choose date and time. Available languages: LT, EN, RU, PL, FR, ES, IT, NO, DE, JA.

Price for group up to 10 persons 199.90€ + 19.99€ for every additional person + 1€/person for entrance to the Palace of the Grand Dukes.

To book the date You need to pay 100€ deposit.

Cancellation policies:

  • more than 96 hours before the tour’s start:  refund 50% of Your deposit.
  • less than 96 hours before tour’s start: non-refundable.



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