Walking Tour In Reykjavik For European Tourist

Reykjavik (Iceland)
3 hours
€ / pers.
6 - 25

Are you visiting from Europe? This tour is adapted for you! Planning a trip to Reykjavik? Why Reykjavik is famous? Looking for the top sightseeing places in Reykjavik? The majestic and royal city of Reykjavik offers a long collection of museums, buildings, markets and top attractions that you must visit once in a life. Which are Reykjavik’s best attractions? The Old Town is just the beginning of the city’s charms. The vibrant and cosmopolitan city offers you the chance to discover some of the richest examples of Nordic history. Get stunned with the streets full of history and its beautiful architecture examples. Get ready to experience Iceland in a different perspective. A local charismatic guide will reveal the secrets and interesting facts about one of the most important cities in Europe.

Meeting place:

Dómkirkjan í Reykjavík.

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Price from 699.99 € (up to 10 persons).

You can choose the language: EN, DK, FR, ES.

A date reservation is required for booking. We will refund 50% if you cancel the entertainment at least 96 hours before it starts. If the entertainment is withdrawn later – the installation is not returned.

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