Magic Christmas tour in Keflavik

Keflavik (Iceland)
2 hours
€ / pers.
6 - 25

The exclusive tour only in the Christmas period! This special times brings magic in Keflavik. Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the Keflavik. You will feel spellbound with the charming atmosphere, which you can feel only this time of the year! What is the story of the Christmas tree? Who was the first to decorate it in the world? What magical things can happen during the Christmas period? Have you heard about Christmas spells? You will hear miraculous Christmas legends about Keflavik. You will visit christmas supermarkets in Keflavik. What makes it so popular? What local products must taste at Christmas? Fill your heart with the joy and experience magic of Keflavik.

Meeting place:

The main entrance of Viking World Museum (Njardvik, Iceland)

You can order this entertainment only for the individual group. Here

Order the tour ONLY for a private group. At a time convenient for you.

Price from 669.99 € (up to 10 persons).

You can choose the language: EN, IS.

A date reservation is required for booking. We will refund 50% if you cancel the entertainment at least 96 hours before it starts. If the entertainment is withdrawn later – the installation is not returned.

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