Veganism tour with tasting

1,5 hours
€ / pers.
8 - 15

Veganism tour with tasting. Veganism is becoming more and more popular in Lithuania and all around the world. By choosing this type of lifestyle people show their disapproval of cruel treatment of animals, as they don’t want to see animals as resource for food or clothes. After becoming vegan, people get not only support, but also rude and harsh jokes and comments about their choice from others, usually from those who don’t have enough knowledge about veganism. Do you know the main difference between veganism, vegetarianism and raw food diet? Do you know the reason why you will never see vegetarian in a circus?


During this tour you will not only get useful information and hear interesting facts about veganism, but also you will try out delicious vegetarian food prepared by „Botanique“ restaurant. You will try out 4 different dishes and one of them will be desert of unforgettable taste. Also you will be familiarized with the difference between vegetarian food and food of raw food died. Professional vegan guide will show you that majority of myths about veganism are just simple lies. At the end of the tour you will visit „Veggo shop“, where you will try the meat. YES, that’s right- vegetarian meat!

Meeting place:

Totoriu street 3, Vilnius


  • 3 different kind of appetizers and dessert in the restaurant;
  • Differend kinds vegan food (few kinds of cheese and meat, chocolate, etc.) in specialized vegan shop.
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You can book this tour only for Your individual group. Choose date and time. Available languages: LT, EN, RU.

Price for group up to 10 persons 249.90€ + 24.99€ for every additional person.

To book the date You need to pay 150€ deposit.

Cancellation policies:

  • more than 96 hours before the tour’s start:  refund 50% of Your deposit.
  • less than 96 hours before tour’s start: non-refundable.


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